A series of immersive murder mystery experiences for 13 audacious individuals. Every Monday in New York City.

Current Production
Blood on the Bleachers
A 1990s High School Homicide Show Details

The Experience

Join an inventive immersive murder investigation where you become a prime suspect.

In For The Kill is a series of shows that changes regularly. Our current production is Blood on the Bleachers.

During the experience you will be thrown into a campy world of brazen twists and wild characters to uncover the truth behind a farcical murder mystery.

No show is ever the same. Prepare to lose inhibitions, push boundaries and connect with others.

What to Expect

1. Tickets

There are only 13 tickets available per show, no exceptions.

2. After purchasing tickets

We’ll send a brief, private survey to get to know you better and ensure you are cast in a role you’ll find comfortable.

3. Before the event

As the event approaches, we’ll send brief personalized character details, private event information and location details. There is no need to memorize any lines. Costumes are required.

4. At the event

You will be in character during the entire experience. We’ll handle the rest.

"I would do this again in a heartbeat"

— B. B.

"Special, unique, fabulously creative, an absolute blast"

— J. P.

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For the adventurous, experience a mystery in-person in New York City.


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