Even if it Kills Me — Virtual Murder Mysteries

Delightfully offbeat murder mystery experiences to die for.

We create immersive experiences for you and friends to escape to together.

Our comedic mysteries revolve around a murder and a theme. Every participant plays an outlandish suspect while discovering the bizarrely campy world we’ve created.

Private Events

An exclusive experience with a group of friends, family, or co-workers.

We host private murder mysteries for 8-150 people. Have a blast, play a kookie character and solve a murder.

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Honestly, this was the most fun I’ve had since COVID quarantine started.

— Sarah P

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Our Mysteries

Bingo Butcher

At a Boca Raton, Florida retirement community, the kvetching reaches a fiery peak when the murder of a resident jeopardizes the nightly bingo game.

Blood on the Bleachers

After the grisly murder of the Ellery High School principal, the class of '92 sets out to uncover the killer—leaving no mean girl, nerd, goth, jock, or stoner unturned.


Experience this mystery as a live ticketed show in New York City.

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Lovely Miz Cowpoke

Deep in the Texas pageant circuit, a reigning beauty queen is bludgeoned to death by her ventriloquism dummy, Sebastino. Accusations fly faster than green grass through a goose as the competition goes haywire.

O Holy Fright

After a lifetime of Hanukkahs, Judy's first Christmas Eve as a married woman is a glowing success—until Grandma Wentworth is found dead on the kitchen floor, a sharpened candy cane stabbed through her heart.

Trouble In Paradise

Surrounded by shimmering sand, verdant greenery, and a smokey kālua pig, a vivacious cruise director is choked out by a treacherous lei.

Rubbed Out

Amongst the g-strings, sticky dollars and busted dreams that litter the Champagne Room, a strip club manager is asphyxiated by a DD bra.

Custom Experiences

Work with us to create a bespoke murder mystery, just for you and friends. Custom experiences can be created for any theme and number of people. Schedule a consultation with our head writer today.