Private Murder Mystery Events

Transform your event into an unforgettable murder mystery party where every guest is a suspect

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What is a murder mystery party?

Put a twist on your company bonding session, awards dinner, team-building retreat or client event by making it a murder mystery.

Every mystery revolves around a comedic, themed murder. Guests are assigned an outlandish character to play and work to uncover the bizarrely campy world we’ve created—while having an exceptionally good time.

What to Expect

During each mystery, guests play characters, interacting via improv and brief scripted moments. Every aspect unfolds in real time, guided by an expert host. Roles are based on each guests personality so everyone is comfortable and included. You don’t have to be an actor or an extrovert to have fun—most guests are neither.

We can even create a custom mystery that’s entirely unique to your organization.

What's included?
  • A mystery experience on your chosen date
  • Hosted by an expert guide
  • Unique and fun characters for guests
  • Costume suggestions
  • Themed drink and snack recipes
  • Custom playlists to get you in the mood
  • Hassle-free coordination with guests
  • For Virtual Events
  • Themed Zoom backgrounds
  • Zoom and technical set-up

"I would do this again in a heartbeat"

— B. B.

"Special, unique, fabulously creative, an absolute blast"

— J. P.

Our format is unique—here are a few reasons why we’re different:

Highly Immersive More Info

Unlike others, our mysteries are a one-of-a-kind format comprised entirely of participant interaction so everyone feels totally immersed in the experience. Everyone plays an equally engaging character.

Superior Stories More Info

We love unusual, campy, and creative stories. We pride ourselves in great plots—and we rigorously test them to ensure everyone who takes part has a blast.

Pro Actors More Info

Have fewer than 10 people? Enhance your experience by adding a professional, working actor to your group. We’ll make all the arrangements, just use the actors option during booking.

Customizable More Info

Building a bespoke experience, designed entirely around your needs, is perfect for those looking for a one-of-a-kind adventure. We can create mysteries for any number of guests, and for nearly any theme.

Virtual Options More Info

Our experiences were designed from the start as both digital and in-person events—not as an in-person show or boardgame shoehorned online. Unlike downloadable games, we host your event and guide the entire encounter.

Why a murder mystery?

Murder mystery games are a fun social activity that takes everyone out of the office mindset and gives them an opportunity to be playful, and get to know one another in a more intimate way.

There are mystery games for all sizes of teams that balance the needs of the more shy group members with the more outgoing so everyone feels comfortable.

Camaraderie is built through a shared unique experience that will surely be one for the books. Team members will hone their critical thinking skills and learn to communicate collaboratively.

Since murder mysteries are hosted by a trained guide, everyone can participate without the pressure of making sure everyone is having fun. Let the experts run the event and just enjoy!

Our Mysteries

Bingo Butcher

At a Boca Raton, Florida retirement community, the kvetching reaches a fiery peak when the murder of a resident jeopardizes the nightly bingo game.

Blood on the Bleachers

After the grisly murder of the Ellery High School principal, the class of '92 sets out to uncover the killer—leaving no mean girl, nerd, goth, jock, or stoner unturned.

Lovely Miz Cowpoke

Deep in the Texas pageant circuit, a reigning beauty queen is bludgeoned to death by her ventriloquism dummy, Sebastino. Accusations fly faster than green grass through a goose as the competition goes haywire.

O Holy Fright

After a lifetime of Hanukkahs, Judy's first Christmas Eve as a married woman is a glowing success—until Grandma Wentworth is found dead on the kitchen floor, a sharpened candy cane stabbed through her heart.

Trouble In Paradise

Surrounded by shimmering sand, verdant greenery, and a smokey kālua pig, a vivacious cruise director is choked out by a treacherous lei.

Rubbed Out

Amongst the g-strings, sticky dollars and busted dreams that litter the Champagne Room, a strip club manager is asphyxiated by a DD bra.

Custom Experiences

Work with us to create a bespoke murder mystery, just for you and friends. Custom experiences can be created for any theme and number of people. Schedule a consultation with our head writer today.

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