Rubbed Out

A virtual murder mystery experience for you and friends.

The Experience

Rubbed Out is an immersive adventure, personified by you and your friends, that plays out via video chat or in-person.

During the experience, participants are thrown into a world of sultry dancers, lewd clues, and racy shakedown schemes, to uncover the truth behind a strip club slaying.

  • 90 Minutes
  • 8+ People
  • Virtual or In-Person
  • Ages 18+

What To Expect

Rubbed Out is a private experience for you and your friends, a social club, or even your entire company.

This mystery was designed for the internet—not as an in-person show shoehorned online.

Unlike downloaded games, we shape every part of your encounter. You’ll work with experts to cast your friends in roles, and be guided each step of the way so it’s always entertaining.

For smaller groups we recommend 10 participants. Larger events easily accommodate up to 100 people. We can provide professional actors to enhance your experience further.

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Highly Immersive

Unlike others, our mysteries are a one-of-a-kind format comprised entirely of participant interaction. Everyone plays an equally engaging character.

Superior Stories

We take pride in plots that are remarkably creative, lovingly crafted, and rigorously tested to ensure everyone who takes part has a blast.

Custom Adventures

Bespoke experiences are perfect for those looking for one-of-a-kind encounters with any number of participants.

The Story

Events at Full Moon, the hottest strip club in Vegas, take a dramatic turn when Nicky, the club’s manager, is found asphyxiated with a DD bra in a private dance room. Can you and the other club members solve his murder before it’s too late?

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The Story

A strange mix of desperation and excitement crosses the face of anyone that opens The Full Moon’s main door. Inside, an overstocked bar cradles the center stage, where discarded lucite heels and nipple tassels pile up around the stripper’s pole. On the floor, girls circle the tables, shark-like, hoping to entice customers to the lucrative Champagne Room for a private dance.

To the naked eye, The Full Moon is thriving: they have the hottest dancers, a host of regular clientele and well-oiled management. However, just beneath that shiny veneer, backstabbing runs rampant, drug use is routine and the Mafia is closing in.

Nicky, the manager, sighs, hand propping back his carefully greased hair. Wiping the excess pomade on his pant leg, he leans back relishing this brief respite from the DJ’s hammering bass. On his computer he flicks through the video feeds provided by an array of cameras covering the club floor. Everything is running smoothly.

Behind him, his office door creaks open. Before he can even register who entered, a lacy, DD bra is looped twice around his throat. He chokes, sputters and slumps over, dead. By the time the DJ has cued up the next song, Nicky’s body has been dragged across the sticky carpeted hallway and into a private dance room.

With so many possible suspects, you’ll have to act quickly before someone else is next.


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Private Events

An exclusive party on the date of your choosing, anywhere in the world.


An exclusive murder mystery party on the date of your choosing, anywhere in the world. What’s included?

  • A mystery experience on your chosen date
  • Hosted by an expert guide
  • Unique and fun characters for guests
  • Costume suggestions
  • Themed drink and snack recipes
  • Custom playlists to get you in the mood
  • Hassle-free coordination with guests
  • For Virtual Events
  • Themed Zoom backgrounds
  • Zoom and technical set-up
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