Frequent Questions

Virtual Events

How will I join the event?

You and your guests will be emailed a Zoom link and all relevant information after booking your experience. You will also be sent the Zoom on the day of the experience, as a reminder. 

How is this experience different?

We have a completely unique format, combining scripted moments with guided improv. It’s more immersive and more fun.

We take pride in having more developed characters, campy and hilarious concepts and an overall higher quality experience. Think more “Cards Against Humanity” than “Apple to Apples.” 

How much does it cost?

For ticketed shows in New York City visit our ticketing portal for price information.

Private events cost $250-350 for a group of 8-12. Please request a quote for groups greater than 12 guests, or custom themes and requests.

What are the technical requirements?

You will need your own computer, a stable internet connection, and the latest free version of Zoom. To have the best experience, participants should use computers. Phones or tablets work but they limit the experience.

If you are in the same home as another participate, it’s best to be in a different room and on your own device. If you must share a room, it is best if you both use headphones. 

We send costume suggestions for every character well ahead of time. We believe dressing the part (in whatever manner you are able) enhances your experience, but it is not mandatory. 

How many guests can join?

Each virtual mystery requires a minimum of 8-12 guests. We can create a custom mystery for nearly any group size.

If you have fewer guests we can arrange to have professional actors fill the remaining slots and heighten your experience for $100 each. You can select the number of actors, if any, you would like us to include while booking.

What age groups are your murder mysteries appropriate for?

The content varies from PG-13 to R-rated. Visit any experience page to learn the appropriate ages for that specific experience.

If you are hoping to host a more family-friendly party, we can adjust some of the experiences with notice. Please contact us with any questions.

Do I need to have acting experience?

No. Participating with an open mind and a willingness to improvise is all you need.

How does an immersive murder mystery experience work?

Our murder mysteries are a unique way to escape reality and have fun.

During the experience, each guest plays a role. We email character and an event breakdowns ahead of time so you have time to prepare a costume (if you want to) and read a little about your role. There is no need to be an actor or extrovert—most guests are neither.

Once the experience begins, we use a combination of scripted moments with guided, in-character improv, to ensure that your experience is fully immersive. 

How much participant interaction is there?

This experience is entirely comprised of participant interaction. All guests will be characters and suspects in a murder investigation. 

What does a virtual show include?

The experience is hosted via Zoom on a date of your choosing, subject to availability. A host will facilitate the entire event and handle all logistics including running and organizing the video chat, reaching out to your guest list, assigning characters and making sure everyone has an unforgettable time. All you need to do is relax and enjoy. 

You and all guests will receive individual characters to play, costume suggestions, custom drink and food recipes, an assortment of themed Zoom backgrounds, and themed playlists to enhance the experience.

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