8 creative gifts for the criminally minded

We all have somebody in our life that has a inner Rolodex of serial killers and an encyclopedic memory for ghastly murders.

Sure you could get them a nice scarf, but why not source something a little more personal—and definitely more fun.

8. Merch

Many true crime aficionados have podcasts, tv series, or movies that hold a special place in their heart. Be it My Favorite Murder or Making a Murderer there is likely a cottage industry of craftspeople who can supply you with on-theme goodies.

7. A Serial Killer Coloring Book

Adult coloring books have become quite the trend. Why not combine a love of dismemberment with an equally important passion for crafting? With these truly special coloring book you’ll rekindle your death-by-Crayola fantasies.

Here are two options:

Buy it on Amazon (we don’t get a kickback)

Buy it on Amazon (we don’t get a kickback)

6. Murderous playing cards

For the Dahmer-holic, or the Gacy-ite, who also also has a gambling addiction—or just an at-home card shark—why not try out a deck of cards stamped with the faces of notorious killers? You’ll get that true crime fix with every hand.

But it on Amazon (we don’t get a kickback)

5. Stupid Deaths Board Game

Not all deaths are wicked, some are just, well, stupid. Taking turns, players read truly ridiculous ways people have, or have not, perished and decide if they are truth or fiction. Move the grim reaper token towards you for every wrong answer.

Buy it on Amazon (we don’t get a kickback)

4. Law and Order Seasons 1-20

The grand dame of true crime. Give the gift that keeps on giving for 20 seasons.

Buy it on Amazon (we don’t get a kickback)

3. I’ll Be Gone in the Dark

Michelle McNamara’s book is just fantastic. If we’re being honest, most of these lists include books the list-maker hasn’t even read. But we did read this, it’s great, and covers the truly horrific rapes and murders by the Golden State Killer. The audio book is real good, too.

Buy it on Amazon (we don’t get a kickback)

2. Crime Tape Socks

We have all been in a scenario where we have to get a gift for somebody we just don’t like that much. Why not seem like you’re being thoughtful while being a true cheapskate. It’s a win-win.

Buy it on Amazon (we don’t get a kickback)

1. A Murder Mystery Experience

Even if it Kills Me murder mysteries are a fantastic way to show somebody “I see you” by giving an experience that is just right.

Be it a bespoke mystery written to your exact specs, or the death of a beauty queen, everyone has a fantastically memorable time at our virtual events.

They are private for you and friends, so everyone will feel comfortable and at home. Get in touch today.


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