Creating the perfect costume for a virtual murder mystery

One of the most entertaining parts of attending a murder mystery is getting to become a completely different person. There are several ways you can make your character distinct but one of the easiest, and most fun, is by fully committing to your costume. All it takes are one or two statement pieces to really make you shine. 

Hats, glasses, mustaches and makeup are all easy to find and can change your whole look. 

You can find fun pieces that you already own all over your house- check your closet, your old halloween costumes even old party favors.

It’s easy to make costume pieces out of construction paper or scraps of old fabric. Or, you can always order some special items online. While Amazon has tons of options and fast delivery, some independent stores we love are:

Don’t forget to check vintage stores for fun gems!

Plus, since you’re on zoom, this is a fun excuse to dress up your top (while still having sweatpants on the bottom)! 

Check out our amazing occasions to dress up. You can be a 90’s emo, a Hawaiian Hula dancer, a Vegas mafiosa or a bingo playing octogenarian in Boca! The options are endless. 


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