Team-building During a Pandemic

Bonding with coworkers has never been so difficult as working from home has become the new normal. With the inability to forge friendships in the office, it’s important for managers to create special experiences that can help bring employees together. 

There is no better way to take the stress out of team building than to book a Virtual Murder Mystery with Even if it Kills Me! We take care of all logistics and give your employees an event they they will talk about, by the virtual water cooler, for weeks! 

Let us help your employees get to know each other on a more personal level and go from co-workers to friends. Our events are engaging, incredibly fun and are a great way to facilitate communication between all participants. 

We are able to host groups as small as 6 people to as large as a hundreds. Regardless of the size, all of our experiences are a conducive for your company to share laughs and get out of your comfort zone. With our bespoke experiences, we can cater the event to you and your team!

Murder mysteries give a safe space for your employees to try something new together. Who doesn’t want to see Karen from accounting dressed in a captain’s uniform? And with everyone working together to solve the mystery, your team can bond over a common goal.

Team-building has never been so effortless and fun. 

You can send out team swag, costume pieces, or special snacks to heighten everyone’s experience! 

Working from home blurs the lines between work and private time so give your company a treat and share an experience, together, that has nothing to do with work!

Contact a consultant to help plan your experience, today! 


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